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Jul 27, 2008 at 10:04 PM
Sunset Heights         
July, 2008
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Restaurant Review
Crime stats
Disaster Prepardness
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Our next meeting is Thursday, July 31st from 7-8 pm at the Houston Brethren Church.  Click here for map   This month's guest speaker is Paul Luccia, Heights Anti Graffiti Squad.  He is ready to answer your graffiti questions!
Yard of Month is coming back!  We're partnering with East Sunset Heights to do YOM including the entire Sunset Heights area starting in August.  Thanks to our YOM volunteers Kyla and Kim!
If you would like to contribute news or stories for the newsletter then please send a note to   . Feel free to forward this newsletter to your neighbors.
Heights Bike Rally
3rd Annual Heights Bicycle Rally and Scavenger Hunt is Sunday, October 5, 2008 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Click here for more information.  This is a great way to see the area and meet neighbors.
News from the Past
Galveston Daily News 
Aug 21, 1911 The Sunset Heights Civic Club has named a committee to interview the Houston Electric Company with a view to getting a street car extension for that section. It is estimated there is a population of 7,000 who would be benefited by the extension of the Woodland Heights line. The committee is composed of L. G. Swope, chairman; T. H. Dixon, T. B. Singreeh, H. Houston, A. A. Wright, F. H. Wheeler, J. H. Constock, J. B. Wolf.
Restaurant Review of the Month
We were warned not to tell you about Pink's Pizza, but we cannot resist. We are sure to get a good scolding once this posts.  In our defense the secret appears to be out already.
Pink's is located at 1403 Heights Blvd, call 713.864.PINK.  There are a couple of little tables inside so opt for delivery/take-out.  This is pizza to crave.  The "Luigi" is our favorite with pesto sauce and a combination of toppings that sounds strange but tastes amazing.  Another alternative to traditional tomato sauce, the "Double Down" is a yummy garlicky, chicken pizza with Alfredo sauce. Yes they have traditional pizza too, the "Big Boss" is a meat lovers dream.  And, you can build your own selecting from 30 different toppings.  Save room for a "crack brownie" for dessert. 
Trash Can
Do you need a green recycle bin?  Call 311 to get yours; you can have one or more bins for FREE! 
Recycle days for Aug 4th and 18th.  Big trash is the 18th. 
Curb side recycling now takes more plastics - numbers 1-5, and 7 - so don't toss those in the trash any more.
The city sent out letters to all neighborhoods that have curb side recycling.  Neighborhoods that do not meet standards will be dropped from the program.  Everything makes a difference, if you can start small by putting out some soda cans and magazines, please do it and help Sunset Heights keep curbside recycling.
Click here for more information about recycling.
Construction Notice
Here is the current information on the Cortlandt street reconstruction project. 
WBS No.                     N-000395-0001-4
Project Description:    Neighborhood Street Reconstruction Project 463
Streets involved in construction:
Street Name                                        To                                            From
Beauchamp Street                  Redan Street North                        Main Street
Cortlandt  Street                     White Oak Blvd                             11th Street
Cortlandt Street                      12th Street                                    14th Street
Cortlandt Street                      18th Street                                    22nd Street
Cortlandt Street                      23rd Street                                    Aurora Street
Nest Lane                             Marable Drive                                 Feamster Drive
White  Oak Blvd                    Heights Blvd                                  Cortlandt Street
Construction Firm:                                                        Pace Services, L.P.
Construction Firm Project Manager:  :               Brody Maedgen: Ph.- (281) 256-2201
City of Houston Project Manager: :                   Dotun Ogundare:-  Ph.- 713-837-7027
City of Houston Managing Engineer: :            Aldo Ranzani, P.E.:  Ph:- 713-837-7047
The contractor is required to provide residents written notification, via door hangers, 72 hours prior to construction beginning on your street. If you have questions about the construction phase please contact the City of Houston Project Manager listed above. If the issue is not resolved to your satisfaction please contact the City of Houston Managing Engineer listed above or Tim Lincoln, Senior Assistant Director, Construction Branch at (713) 837-7074 or e-mail at
The June crime stats are now available.  
The Houston Heights has started crime and security meetings to be held the fourth Wednesday every month at 6:30 pm at the Height's fire house.  The fire house is at 12th and Yale.   

Please attend the "PIP" Positive Interaction Program that HPD holds every 4th Wednesday at 7:00 pm at 1602 State St.  You can ask HPD questions about crime in the area and stay informed.
Height's Storefront:
910 N. Durham #D
Houston, TX 77008                                     Click here for 77008 crime stats
(713) 803-1151                                           Click here for Information on PIP
Hours: 8am-4pm (Mon-Fri)                         
Spotlight on Parks
The Sabine to Bagby Waterfront Park offers some new amenities like canoe launches, for more information check out this web site:  
Disaster Prepardness
Check out the Ready Houston website for information on how to stay prepared for disasters.  This is valuable information as we start the hurricane season.  Did you know that 77008 and 77009 are not in an evacuation area?  The map at this link shows the evacuation areas.  Sunset Heights would not be required to leave even during a category 5 hurricane, however that doesn't mean the power won't go out.  People with health concerns who require power may still want to leave.  
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